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New Karuzo croissant bun – great round shape and rich cream

During the last couple of months Karuzo has gone through a complete makeover – it has a new product name, new design and is better and more satisfying than ever.

Karuzo is really fluffy, soft and delightful! So, you can call it a croissant, but it is not a common one. It is thoughtfully created to have a shape of a bun, thus being unique, exciting and even more delightful.

Just say it - Karuzo is an unique croissant in a shape of a bun!

Karuzo’s round shape makes it possible that it has rich cream filing in each delicious bite.

Karuzo cream fillings are one of a kind - its most notable and recognisable feature, and it has 7 great flavors. Carefully considered the cream filling combinations are both intriguing, mouthwatering and satisfying, from the indulging cocoa filling with chocolate to the fresh, flavorful and fruity cheesecake combinations.

One can easily fall in love with the perfect match between the fascinating sweetness of the cream fillings, embraced by thousands of fluffy dough layers. Both enjoyable and hunger satisfying – who can ask for more?!

The new KARUZO has been created with love to brighten your day with a smile, positive energy and good mood.

You can find it in the stores and enjoy its great and satisfying taste all around.