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Krambals Bruschetta: Natural Ingredients, New Recipe & Packaging

Krambals Bruschetta is here, more irresistible than ever, in a brand new package, with a brand new recipe which represents the best in baking tradition.

Each Krambals Bruschetta has a unique shape because it’s cut from a real ciabatta, prepared with all-natural ingredients and with our own yeast. The patience we put into the rise of the dough and its slow fermentation leads to a perfect, porous bread with a golden crust and fresh aroma. All of that makes our new bruschette the temptation they are.

The secret of baking hides in simple recipes. Krambals Bruschetta has no preservatives or palm oil. It does have a captivating, authentic flavor with a twist, represented by its four unique flavors: tomatoes and mozzarella, cream cheese, grilled vegetables, and forest mushrooms with butter.

Enjoy real bruschette made from real bread, even when you're on the go, with the new Krambals Bruschetta, available in stores now.