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BIG news for the BIGGER HuligaN ever!

HuligaN Crush Goes BIG! The same great HuligaN crunchiness and explosive flavours, but in a bigger pack of 125g, that expands further the HuligaN experience – more satisfying and even more flavourful!

The new pack comes for all of you who have a true BIG CRUSH on HuligaN Pretzels and would love to enjoy bigger quantity of pretzels pieces and much more flavor. As well as for the ones, who dare to share the great HuligaN experience with friends and family for even bigger fun and enjoyment.


The flavours which HuligaN has chosen for you are the favourite ones of the regular 65g portfolio – Honey Mustard and Cheese, and the new and challenging Jalapeno flavour.


Be ready to be blown away by HuligaN BIG Crush… pretzel, after pretzel, after pretzel…. Now, as long, as you like it!


You can meet the BIG gang in the stores nearby. The HuligaNs are ready, are you?