Genuine and delicious anytime, anywhere! It is never too early for a treat! Neither is it too late! It is always the right time for a Karuzo Cream Pita. Karuzo Cream Pita is a puff pastry filled with a zillion soft dough layers and pouring delicious cream in each single bite.

Peanuts with GREAT FLAVOR
If you want to make a peanut extraordinarily tasty - marinate it! Zigi Marinated Peanuts are delicious, crunchy and flavored!

Experience the pure and natural taste of nuts! Carefully selected and roasted noble nuts, gently sprinkled with crystals of Himalayan salt for a genuine delicious and crispy experience!

Simply addictive. A selection of tasty seeds and peanuts and a brand for people who love to break the cliche, Huligan engages them into addictive and fun experiences.
Once a Huligan, always a Huligan... 'till the last seed.